Press releases

Press release, 18th March 2013

“I have received the news of the ruling given by the HCCJ in case file no. 3/95/2005 with surprise and sadness.

I would like to state, once again, that I consider myself innocent, and that my case represents at this time, regrettably, one of the greatest judicial abuses in Romania. This situation appeared due to a “self-denunciation” made by a person who has admitted before the courts that “the denunciation placed on record on page 27 of the criminal prosecution case file, volume I, was not made on my own initiative, but because I was asked to do so by the investigators, who told me that the NAPO was moving very slowly and that they intended to take action in this case file. I would also like to mention that there were a number of interests that arose, from the political and administrative circles, concerning the accused, Nicolae Mischie, as well as evidence of the actions of other parties, whom I shall not name herein. I will take my case to the European Court of Human Rights, where I am sure I will find justice.

I live in hope that God will bless me with good health, as I need it to prove that I am innocent.”